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5/ ∞ of Oh Sehun completely ruining my life.
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EXO showcase introductions - then and now

there’s such an incredibly noticeable difference in their confidence levels, it really warms my heart 

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how exo k eats their ice cream

sehun and chanyeol are so ready for it

fuck im breathing so hard rn omg

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In the blink of an eye it’s been two years since debut. Time does pass really quickly.
These past two years, I’ve experienced so much!
And I’ve learnt very much, I’m very thankful towards all of you!
I will continue to work even harder! Work hard to better myself, to let myself become someone worthy of all of your efforts and sacrifices!
I love all of you! EXO keep going!

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That’s what friends are for.

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IDGAF what you say…my cat has the best Overdose reaction picture:



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before and two years after.

remember how everyone was awkward and nervous in front of their first audience? remember how suho made a mistake on the synchronization of the group? and now look at the difference. still not in sync but they have more confidence. look at how those 2 years changed them all for good <3

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minimal exo!editeu ft. symbolism shelves
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#2yearswithexo animation by chulsu
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► EXO through the Eras

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