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when chanyeol got confused between football and baseball

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baekhyun pls

givin em’ the ol’ razzle dazzle

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In which Luhan gets caught staring at Kris and then tries to act real casual about it, afterwards. (ノ_・。)

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WooWoo ♛ YAMO undisclosed

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sleeveless chanyeol.(◕‿◕✿)

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Myungsoo calling Sunggyu to come beat him
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Lay’s little jump after Kris’ failed to dance Wolf.


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stuff Sehun says on EXO’s Showtime.

EP.1: Yehet.

EP.2: Hehehe, hohoho, hahaha.

EP.3: Annyeong haseyo. Ok ok. ok? ok. Yehet. Ohorat. *laughing battle with Kai*. Hahahahaha.

EP.4: Ohot.

EP.5: (Sehun)Rryeongppangsing? (all) Dong Bang Shinki! (Sehun) Rryeong. Ppan. Shin. (Chanyeol) Ki!

EP.6: I’m going to eat it. Hahaha. *gets burned by a sweet potato* ah! ahh…

EP.7: (in chinese) The menu please! (in korean) excuse… me.

EP.8: (Chanyeol) Happy new year. French? (Sehun) honeonyaa. Hihihi. haa, ha~.

EP.9: *mumbles*. (all) What did you say? (Baekhyun) Kai-bai-boh! (Sehun) The end!

EP.10: Gwiyeowa~

EP.11: Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby. *sings I Got A Boy*. Yehet. Ohorat. Yehet! Yehet… Chocolate.

EP.12: Kkaeb song. Hehehe. Joaheyo.

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